An Eggs-cellent Eggs-periment

What you need

– 2 hard boiled eggs
– Vinegar
– Water
– 2 cups/glasses
– Measuring jug

What to do

– Measure out 100 ml of vinegar and pour into one of the cups.
– Measure out 100 ml of water and pour into the other cup.
– Place one egg into the vinegar and one egg into the water.
– Wait a day (or longer)
– Look what happens.

What's going on

Egg shells contain calcium and are very strong. Vinegar is an acid which reacts with the egg shell, removing the calcium. The egg in the water will not react and acts as a control. Calcium is also what gives our teeth and bone their strength.


Calcium is found in lots of food and drinks including milk, cheese, yogurt, spinach, tofu and sardines.

Calcium is the reason x-rays work – the calcium in the bones doesn't let x-rays through so the bones appear bright white.

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