Grow your Own Fruit

What you need

– A selection of fruit (melon or avocado work particularly well)
– Small plant pots
– Compost
– Water
– Labels

What to do

– Ask an adult to help you cut up the fruit. Can you find the seeds?
– Select a few seeds
– Add compost to the pots
– Plant one seed in each pot
– Scatter some more compost on top of your seeds
– Water your seeds
– Put them somewhere sunnybr /> – Wash your hands
– Water your seeds regularly and watch them grow

What's going on

Germination is the start of growth in a seed. Successful germination needs water, oxygen and warmth. Look after your seeds and hopefully some of them grow. The seeds of different fruits look different and some of them may grow better than others.


Mangoes grow in very hot countries, on trees which can be up to 20 metres high (show image of mango tree). Find out more about how they grow in this video (link to Pearson mango film)

Bananas grow on plants in bunches of up to 200 (show image of banana plant) . Find out more at (link to Pearson banana fiim).

Eggcellent eggsperiment

 Eggcellent eggsperiment

Eggcellent eggsperiment
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Fruit and veg concoction