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Why I am an ambassador

Truly passionate about sustainable food and new way to grow food (hydroponic, organic, permaculture etc.)

Working for food industries, I can see how much people can be disconnected of what they eat. It is important that people are well informed and educated to read labels and understand certification (fairtrade, organic, cradle to cradle etc.)

I always say to my friend:
"Marketing will always sell to people what they want. Consumers have the power.
The problem is when people make wrong choices"

I believe that The crunch intiative can help to empower people in their decision-making.

Better choices, Better future. Education is key.

Another problem to tackle is food waste and food security.
I believe that the first problem can be the solution of the second.

That is why my interest for the global "zero waste" movement is growing.
Solution: Food waste donations, bulk selling to decrease packaging, local food to decrease transportation and refrigeration etc.

We have the solutions, now it is time to act 😊


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Images - Aquapanic Urban Farm

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