Chew it over: Help shape how we think about food


What do you think? Share your views on food and drink.

The way we eat and drink is complicated. It’s affecting our health and our planet in ways we don’t know much about yet. Behind the scenes, researchers, governments and food producers are trying to understand more about this, but how could it affect you?

Using an innovative combination of theatre and in-depth discussion, we ran dramatised dialogue events to find out what the UK public thinks about the future of our food and drink. These workshops explored topics from current issues to the future of food, with people from local areas and specialists in the field.

"The combination of drama and thinking through the issues is an excellent one. The drama stimulates thought and creativity."

"I have learnt new things and have a different perspective on the food industry. I am heartened by the number of people locally who want to make changes."

The final act will be a closed, invitation only event. We will be publishing a report with our findings in February 2017 - sign up to the newsletter and join us on social media to find out more.



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Get ready for an exciting year about our food, our health and our planet. You’re invited to get involved and help create the recipe for a happier, healthier future.