For ages 10-11: Dazzling digestion

In this set of activities, children investigate digestion, in all its glory. From what happens inside us, to why certain foods are so good for us to eat, they learn enough to design menus for astronauts, gladiators and any superhero who needs their help.

For ages 10-11: dazzling digestion

Food, fabulous food

Learners will explore the nutrients in their favourite meals, in particular vitamins and minerals. They will identify what each nutrient helps their bodies to do, and what their bodies are good at doing because of the food they eat.

An eggs-cellent eggs-periment!

Learners will investigate what happens if we are missing an important mineral from our diet. They will carry out an experiment soaking eggs in vinegar to find out what happens to bones when there is not enough calcium.

The perfect menu

Learners will research the dietary needs of a particular person and use what they have learned to design a meal that will give them the best diet, with all the nutrients they will need to survive and thrive.

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    Dazzling Digestion

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