For ages 6-7: Fast food chains

This set of activities was inspired by the work of Rothamsted Research, who are growing crops that produce omega-3 oil naturally. Children find out about simple food chains, and what their own food chains look like. Once they are food chain experts, they can explore what might happen when an element of a food chain disappears.


Making food chains

In this introductory lesson, learners will explore the foods that different animals, including humans, eat.

Food chains around the world

Children will now focus on what human beings across the world eat, what food different people have access to and what food chains for these people would look like.

The Missing Link

Learners look at the food chains they have built and begin to question what happens if an element of a food chain is missing. They grow tomato seeds, some in sunlight and some in the dark, to explore what could happen to the rest of a food chain if there isn’t enough sunlight. They start to think about how to replace elements that are missing from key food chains.

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Fast food chains resources

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About the kit

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