For ages 4-5: Flying fruit

Using a huge wall map of the world, flower pots, compost and videos, children find out everything there is to know about the fruit they eat. They investigate where their fruit has travelled from, and what transport those tasty morsels used. Then they get their hands dirty, planting the seeds they have found in their fruit to investigate how each one grows.


Fantastic fruit

This lesson is an introductory lesson to enable learners to understand where our food and, in particular, fruit comes from. They will be supported in thinking about the questions they would like answered, e.g. What is it? Where does it grow? How does it grow? Through this questioning, learners will begin to understand where our food comes from, how it gets to us and why we transport our food great distances.

What’s inside?

Learners will explore different parts of fruit, for example the skin, seeds and flesh. They will look inside fruits and consider how seeds look different in different fruits. They will start to think about what seeds might be for.

Watch it grow

Learners will compare the size of seeds from a variety of fruits. They will plant some fruit seeds and observe them over time, in order to begin to understand that plants need water, warmth, light and nutrients to grow. They will explore the different stages of growth; inside a fruit there is a seed, this develops into a plant which then grows more fruit and so on.

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Flying fruit resources

    Teacher notes
    Resource sheets
    Apple video transcript
    Banana video transcript
    Mango video transcript
    Orange video transcript
    Strawberry video transcript
    Flying fruit powerpoint
    Fruit growing - mango
    Fruit growing - orange
    Fruit growing - strawberry
    Fruit growing - apple
    Fruit growing - banana

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