For ages 7-8: Incredible ingredients!

Why is a can of fizzy drink heavier than its diet alternative? This is a question children investigate, and along the way, they learn that there are some incredible ingredients in a lot of the food we eat. These ingredients help our bodies achieve amazing things.

7-8: Incredible ingredients

What's it made of?

With processed foods making up 70% of the US diet, the western world is experiencing unprecedented levels of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Many children are unaware of which foods are processed and which are not, and what the pros and cons of different ingredients can be. In this introductory lesson, children will explore the nutritional content of food and begin to understand how humans obtain nutrition from the food they eat.

Sugar search

Much of the food that children in the UK eat is processed, having been altered in some way from its natural state, and one common substance to be added is sugar. It’s sometimes hard to really comprehend the amount of sugar that can be added to items. In this lesson children will conduct an experiment to investigate how much sugar there is in a can of fizzy drink. They will look at the packaging for information and then carry out a practical investigation by comparing what happens to a drink can when placed in water.

Different diets

Learners will look at meals from different parts of the world. They will locate the countries on a world map, and start to think about the seasonality of food and the availability of different ingredients in different countries. They will break each meal down into its ingredients and compare the nutritional content. Learners can also start to think about the special diets that some people might need, for example athletes or astronauts.

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