For ages 5-6: It's a wrap!

Most of the food we buy comes packed in plastic, cardboard or tins and jars, but why? Children explore this question, by investigating the properties of different materials, and finding out what the best packaging is for keeping food fresh.


Packaging with a purpose

There are many reasons for packaging food, but one is to preserve food, keeping it safe for human health, and preventing food wastage. Food waste is a concern with a vast amount of food wasted each day – it is estimated that the UK produces 15 million tonnes of food waste (food and drink) annually, with UK households producing half of this waste. In this introductory lesson children will begin to explore the reasons for packaging food.

Practical packaging

In order to prevent food from spoiling or to protect it during transportation, the use of the right packaging material is important. In this lesson children will investigate the properties of different packaging materials to discover what makes them suited to their purpose.

No packaging?

In this lesson children will conduct an experiment to determine what happens to a food when you package it, and when you don’t. The children will report back, identifying the perfect packaging for a chosen food, based on what they have learned from their investigations. They will also learn about new technological advances that are being made in food packaging.

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It's a wrap! resources

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