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Drama is an effective and fun way of engaging pupils in exploring and learning about big questions. The specially commissioned Play in a Day scripts (average length 15 minutes) have been written by five playwrights in collaboration with five leading scientists who are carrying out research relating to the overarching theme of these plays ‘our food, our health and our planet’.

Each play has clear learning outcomes and links to the curriculum, and lasts around 15 minutes in performance. The scripts have roles for everyone in the class and not only explore topics but develop transferable skills such as teamwork, creativity and leadership.

These plays are great to perform for the whole school community. You might use them for assemblies, harvest festivals, and special food related events like World No Meat day.

But - I’m not a drama teacher

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert at directing or doing movement – we are offering you lots of support. Each script comes with:

  • two short films (of no more than 5 minutes), produced by professional Movement Consultant Robin Guiver, illustrating how to use movement in your production.
  • specially composed music and sound effects created by Composer Alex Parsons to download and use in your production.
  • Director’s Notes which include learning outcomes, links to the curriculum, more in-depth information about the theme of your chosen play, along with hints and tips on how stage the play for a workshop performance

Choosing the right play for your class.

Read the following short briefs and choose a play that best suits what you want your pupils to learn, or a specific topic you want to explore.

Basmati Basmati by Jonathan Hall

Choose this script to explore biodiversity in a simple way through exciting movement and music.

Basmati Basmati Play

    Director notes
    Movement notes
    Play script
    Basmati Drone (No Sarangi)
    Basmati Drone
    Crop Decimation
    Sowing and Tilling

Beloved Burger by Rhiannon Tise

Choose this script for a class that like to do a lot of movement and will enjoy creating a dream-like state for performance. It explores the impact of eating so much meat and will help pupils understand the effect this has on their planet.

Beloved Burger Play

    Director notes
    Movement notes
    Play script
    Dawn Over the Amazon
    Goodnight Mum (Rainforest)
    Goodnight Mum
    I Love Legumes
    Slash and Burn
    Stillness and Destruction
    Alarm Clock Analogue
    Alarm Clock Digital
    Emergency Siren 1
    Emergency Siren 2
    Moo 1
    Moo 2
    Moo 3
    Moo 4
    Moo 5
    Moo 6
    Rainforest Atmos

Day of Temptation by Judith Johnson

Choose this script for a focus on how to be healthy one day at time through a fun exploration of what pupils face every day through the temptations of the unhealthy food around them.

The Day of Temptation Play

    Director notes
    Movement notes
    Play script
    Traffic - Bus
    School Bell - Lunchtime
    Playground Soundscape
    Bus Bell 2
    Bus Bell 1
    Feed Me Theme
    Let's Dance
    Sugar Sugar Sugar
    Walking to School
    Movement sequences
    Movement sequences 2

For Richer, For Poorer by Adam Hughes

Choose this script to explore how we can both under- and over-eat and what this does for our health. This play looks at food in India but resonates with other countries across the world.

For Richer For Poorer Play

    Director notes
    Movement notes
    Play script
    Basmati Drone (No Sarangi)
    Basmati Drone
    For Richer For Poorer
    No Money No Food
    Too Much Fat and Salt
    Character movement
    Character movement 2

The Lament of the Green Bean by Elinor Cook

Choose this script to explore how other countries provide food for us in the UK and the impact this has on the environment.


The Lament of the Green Bean Play

    Director notes
    Movement notes
    Play script
    Whistle Blow
    Tape Rewinding
    Single Clock Ticking
    Senegal Insects - Birds
    Radio Tuning
    Lion Roar
    Huge Splash
    Ground Cracking
    Elephant Trumpet
    Clocks Ticking
    Too Hot in 2050
    Too Hot in 2040
    Rainforest Rising
    Rainforest Diminishing
    A Spot of Gardening
    A Spot of Gardening (Birdsong)
    Movement sequences
    Character movement

Cymraeg play resources

    Basmati Basmati play script Cymraeg
    Beloved Burger play script Cymraeg
    Day of Temptation play script Cymraeg
    For Richer For Poorer play script Cymraeg
    The Lament of the Green Bean play script Cymraeg


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