For ages 9-10: Salty seeds

Many farmers across the world are finding it harder to grow the crops we want to eat. In this set of activities, children explore the problems faced by Mexican tomato farmers. They think about why these farmers use irrigation to grow their crops. Then they investigate how they can help tomato plants adapt to harsh environments, using the halo priming of seeds (soaking them in salty water before planting them).

9-10: Salty seeds

Viva Mexico!

Children will learn about the problems faced by farmers in Mexico as a result of irrigation and water scarcity. They will begin to develop hypotheses about how the strength and yield of crops could be improved.

Stressing seeds

Children will look at possible ways of improving plants’ germination and rate of growth.

The big debate

Learners formulate their own arguments for a debate about whether Mexico should continue to export food given its problems with water supply. Split the class into groups and allocate a different viewpoint to each group. Each group should discuss their viewpoint, then present it to the class.

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Salty seeds resources

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