For ages 8-9: Save our home!

What is the common link between chocolate biscuits and orangutans? Children investigate the connections between our food and its impact on our health and the global environment to find out the answer to this question.

8-9: Save our home

What is a rainforest?

In this introductory lesson to the unit, children will find out about rainforests, where they are located and the structure and function of their various parts. They will also learn about the water cycle in rainforests and also about the cycle of nutrients.

Clearing the rainforest for palm oil

Rainforests in Sumatra are being cleared for palm oil plantations as palm oil is in high demand. Palm oil is a fat that is used in about 50% of all food and other products found in a supermarket.

It is produced from the fruits of the oil palm tree and is very high yielding and is very cheap. Refined palm oil is high in cholesterol and thought to contribute to obesity.

Is there a better way?

Learners will explore different scenarios featuring the many different protagonists involved in palm oil production, and rainforest conservation. They will consider the effects of palm oil production on local communities, as well as on Makanan the orangutan and his family. Together they will list things that they can pledge to do to help the people and animals of the rainforest.

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